Tour de Force: Irina and Dmitrii Guzevich’s Analytical Bibliography of Tsar Peter’s Grand Embassy to Europe

Ernest Zitser


Review of:
Guzevich, D. I︠U︡, and I. D. Guzevich. Pervoe evropeĭskoe puteshestvie t︠s︡ari︠a︡ Petra: analiticheskai︠a︡ bibliografii︠a︡ za tri stoletii︠a︡, 1697-2006 [Tsar Peter’s First European Trip: An Analytical Bibliography Covering Three Centuries, 1697-2006]. Emmanuel Waegemans, ed. Sankt-Peterburg: Dmitriĭ Bulanin, 2008. 907 p. ISBN: 5860075820.


Peter the Great; Transfer of Knowledge

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