Die kirchenslavische Zeile in den Petersburger Vocabularia comparativa (1787-1789)

Helmut Keipert


The Church Slavonic Line in the St. Petersburg Comparative Dictionaries by P. S. Pallas (1787-89)

For 285 Russian head-words the Pallas dictionaries contain equivalents in 200 languages, including Church Slavonic among the 12 Slavonic entries at the very beginning. Translating the Russian head-word into Church Slavonic must have been very difficult, because it was a language without native speakers and without bilingual dictionaries. As no informations seem to be available about the compiler of the Church Slavonic word-list and his working instructions, the article tries to give a formal classification of the more or less convincing equivalents and discusses some obvious inconsistencies in the Church Slavonic lines.


Russian; Church Slavonic; Translation

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ISSN: 2333-1658