Графский титул в контексте Петровской карнавальной культуры

Борис Андреевич Успенский


“The Title of Count in the Context of Petrine Carnival Culture”

The europeanization of Russia under Peter I had a conspicuously carnival form. Characteristically, the reforms of Peter I, which were intended to turn Russia into a European country, in many cases began with carnival sport. Carnavalization, re-naming—all this manifested a general cultural program, which reveals the artificial character of the modernization of Russia. Russian official life turned out to be extremely carnivalesque. Carnival became an element of Russian court life; participation in carnivals was obligatory. Together with new clothing, new language and new habits, new aristoricratic titles were adopted, such as count or baron. In the context of carnival ceremonies such titles had an ambiguous character. The author attempts to demonstrate that the title of count could be understood as buffonesque in the Petrine epoch.


Peter I; Anna Ioannovna; titles of honor and nobility; court jesters; N. M. Zotov; Juan Da Costa; carnival


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ISSN: 2333-1658