О протестантских влияниях действительных и мнимых: православные катехизисы от Стефана Зизания до Феофана Прокоповича

Маргарита А Корзо


Feofan Prokopovich’s contemporaries believed that his catechetical works contained elements of Protestant
dogma. And in historiography it is commonly considered that Feofan’s theological treatises became the
channel for the penetration of Protestant dogma into Russian religious thought. Similar accusations were
addressed to some Orthodox authors of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the first half of the 17th
Century (Stefan Zizani and others), whose catechetical works received wide distribution in Russia and
determined the vector of development of the Russian catechetical tradition. This article analyses what specific
arguments were put forward by critics and from which theological position, and whether these accusations
testify to the actual presence of elements of Protestant dogma in the Orthodox literature of the era, or
whether we are dealing with a polemical argument.


Feofan Prokopovich, Stefan Zizani, catechism, Protestant influences in Orthodox letters, religious polemics


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ISSN: 2333-1658